Multi-gauge machine for "Fast Linking"

Main features
  • Three machines in one: by simply changing the "guide" it can perform three different operations.
  • Single thread chainstitch (stitch type 101)
  • Possibility of sewing with the same yarn as the fabric besides standard sewing thread.
  • Appearance very close to the traditional linking operation.
  • Field of application similar to the traditional linking machines from gauge 7 to gauge 18.

from 3 to 4 times the production of traditional linking

from 6 to 7 times the production of traditional linking

Technical features

  • You can select the sewing programme (possibility of programming up to 5 + 5 custom-made programmes)
  • You can change the programme during the sewing cycle
  • New control panel with "touch screen" display.
  • You can set the stitch length.
  • You can set the sewing speed.
  • You can set the conveyor's speed.
  • You can set the tension of the tubular trim
  • You can set the trim tension with positive / negative feeding.
Product images
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