"Hand stitch" machine

Main features
  • First-last electronic “stitch on stitch“ (original Complett patent)
  • Special sewing combinations (high versatility - light/medium material - heavy material)
  • Stitch adjustment: Electronic; Can be carried out by the operator; no need to stop the machine
  • Stitch length memory
  • Stitch lenght from to 1 to 10 mm.
  • "Taylor’s“ stitch: possibility of carrying out an irregular stitch
  • Adjustable thread puller for “slack stitch“ with corner function
  • Touch-screen panel
  • Electronic stitch counter
  • Thread-cutter device
  • Stitch sequence inversion
  • "Half stitch“ feature
  • Low consumption “DD“ motor (Direct Drive)
  • USB port for data transmission and reception
  • Ready to be connected with standard protocols INDUSTRY 4.0
Product images
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